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Terms & Conditions

Puppy Purchase Terms and Conditions

Puppies are available for pickup only. No shipping or delivery services are currently available. Pickup date for Litter K will be on or after October 11, 2023. Puppies requiring boarding for more than one week may incur boarding fees. Please notify us ASAP if you need to alter your pickup date. All pups will be vaccinated and dewormed prior to departure with new owners. No refunds after pickup. If the puppy falls ill or passes due to neglect of care, abuse, abandonment, malnourishment, missed vaccinations or lack of proper medical treatment, we will not be held financially or legally responsible & no refund or replacement will be offered. All clients are granted a 3-day vet check following the puppy purchase. If there are no health issues identified by a licensed veterinarian within those three days, then we will not be held liable for any health issues that develop or present after that time frame. Please refrain from taking your pup to dog parks or public places until it has had at least three rounds of vaccinations. (We only provide the 1st round.) All puppy documents will be delivered electronically the following week after puppy pickup (if all required information is provided). Framed copies of birth certificates & health/vaccination records are $7.50 each.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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