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  • What breed of dogs do you all offer?
    Bully Breed (XL, Classic, & Standard), American Pitbull Terriers (red-nosed & blue-nosed pups), & French Bulldogs. All pups are full-blooded. No Half Breeds Offered. COMING SOON Extreme Pocket Bully pups
  • When can I take a pup home?
    The puppies are ready to go at 6-7 weeks of age. If you pay for the ear cropping service, then your pup will be ready for pickup as soon as this is completed (around 7-8 weeks of age).
  • Am I able to view the parents?
    Yes. You can view photos of them on our website (on the gallery page), on our Instagram page (in the highlights), or you can view them in person during your scheduled puppy visit. *Some of the studs are owned by our partner breeders and will therefore not be available for in-person viewing at our facility. However we will be able to provide you with photos and contact information for the owners of those studs.
  • Can I get pictures of the puppies?
    All available puppies will be posted on the site under the available now page once they reach the three week mark. Unfortunately, we are not always able to send out individual photos. We get multiple inquiries a day, and with our hectic schedules, we do not have the time to send pictures. The best way to view current pups is to schedule a puppy visit or check out the available now page. Waitlist Clients get exclusive first look at new litters before they are posted anywhere. To view previous pups, go to our Instagram Page or check out the gallery on our site.
  • How much are the puppies?
    Here are the prices for the upcoming litters: American Pit Bull Terrier - $700 Classic American Bully - $700 XL American Bully - $4500 - $6000 (These pups will be registered with AKC) French Bulldog - $3500 (These pups will be registered with AKC) COMING SOON Extreme Pocket Bully Pups
  • Do you take-in dogs that are no longer wanted or need to be rehomed?
    No. We do not have the space to take-in any other dogs but we will do what we can to help you find a new home for the dog.
  • Do you provide a health record for the puppies?
    Yes, health records are provided with each puppy purchased and will include the pertinent details regarding the pup's vaccinations and dewormings. This document will also let you know when the next vaccination is due.
  • Can I have my puppy's ears cropped?
    Yes. Ear Cropping Service is an additional fee and will be schedule with our vet upon request prior to the puppy pickup date.
  • When can I take my puppy to a dog park or public place?
    Even though the pups have had their first round of shots, they are still susceptible to disease, particularly Parvo, and should NOT be taken to any dog parks or public places until the puppy has had at least 3 rounds of shots.
  • When will puppy visits resume?
    Puppy visits resumed on 04/22/2024. Please note that our email subscribers will get the link first and will have access to book and view puppies up to 5 days before the public. If you have not joined our subscriber list, please use the link below to sign up.
  • Do you have any puppies available right now?
    Yes. We have pit bull and frenchie puppies available. The link to schedule a puppy visit has been sent out to all waitlist clients and will be posted for the public on 4/22/2024. XL Bully - Pups Born March 20, 2024 (SOLD OUT) American Pit Bull - Pups Born March 26, 2024 American Pit Bull - Pups Born April 4, 2024 French Bulldog - Pups Born April 15, 2024 Please note that we now offer discounts to Teachers, Military Personnel, First Responders, & Senior Citizens.
  • Do you all offer any discounts?
    Yes, we now offer a $100 discount to Teachers, Military Personnel, First Responders, & Senior Citizens.
  • How do I get on the waitlist?
    Select from one of the buttons below. Please keep in mind that there is a separate waiting list for XL Bully Pups.
  • What all comes with the puppy?
    Deworming Vaccinations Health Record Birth Certificate Proof of Purchase Housebreak Training AKC/UKC Documents (if applicable)
  • Are the puppies AKC registered?
    Yes. Our XL Bully, Frenchie, & Extreme Pocket Bully puppies will be AKC/UKC registered. The starting price for those pups will be $2500+. In order to provide puppies at an affordable price, we will still continue to offer pups from our American Pit Bull Terrier bloodlines at the lower price range of $700 as well. These puppies will NOT be AKC/UKC registered.
  • How can I adopt a puppy?
    You can find out more about our adoption process by checking out the video below or by joining our waiting list.
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